How I got the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and…

I decided to obtain an accounting certification for a couple of personal reasons, one being that my dad advised me to do so several...
5 min read

Portable chargers and power banks that support passthrough charging

Keeping a single board computer or Arduino powered without interruption tends to be a requirement for several projects, examples including a home automation system,...
1 min read

Measuring PINE64 Idle Power Consumption

I got a DROK digital multimeter and I decided to find out just how much power the PINE64 consumes running headless. The measurements were taken...
19 sec read

The PINE64 is finally here

I received my PINE64 yesterday and I was pretty excited after such a long wait. The following items were in the package: PINE64 1GB...
46 sec read

Shopping list for parts

In anticipation of my PINE64 board arriving, I have been trying to identify items I will need for my autonomous robot project (really should...
54 sec read